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unforgettable. treasured. Everlasting.

Every animal has their own personality.

Your pet is unique in so many ways. From their cute (and cold) nose, adorable ears, the way they smile, and also in their personality.

I love to capture that personality, and their unique features, in timeless portraits for you so that you can treasure the portrait forever.

Pet photography is a way to create art work that stops the clock on your relationship with your furry friend. Use these images to display in your home, where you will smile every time you walk by.

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Their Story

This special member of the family loves you without demands, all you have to do is feed it, pet it, and play with it. Your pet will greet you at the door, cuddle in your lap, lick your face, comfort you when you’re not feeling well, and sleep in your bed. 

You talk to your pet (and we know that your pet answers you). You even try to trick it by spelling words like c-a-r or c-o-o-k-i-e, o-u-t or w-a-l-k, but it doesn’t work. As soon as you spell it, the ears are perked and your loyal friend is waiting for you. Remember how much that special member of your family enriches your life. 

Be sure to have this loved one remembered in a timeless portrait of its own or include him/her in your family portrait. It will be the best gift you could give yourself, because Pets Are People, Too!!!


Tina has been both my personal and professional photographer for years. She has created both memorable family portraits as well as my new business branding portfolio. She was the first person I thought of when I wanted a photo of my family pet. She was very patient with my young dog and was able to capture some heart-warming poses. And, to top it all off she won the PPA Certified Professional Photographer Award for her portrait of my pet! I was so excited and proud!


"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself" - Josh Billings

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Sessions with pets can be unpredictable; which is why I have a guide on the top 5 tips for capturing photos with your furry family. Sign up for my course below, and I will also send you my pet pricing information!

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A personal work of art can be created for you...either at my studio, at your home, or on location of your choice. Uniquely Yours Photography is committed to creating a lasting keepsake that you are your family will treasure forever.

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